Orange Object on Surface – Mossel Bay

I’m a huge sceptic on the subject but after reading a few of these reports I’m a bit more open-minded.

I was doing a night flight in the Mossel Bay region and we were downwind for an approach. The airfield is our home base so I’m very familiar with the surrounding areas.

As I was about to turn on final approach I noticed a bright orange light but it was on the ground about 700m to the north west of the runway and it was moving westward. The light looked almost like an afterburner would if it were attached to a car sized object which makes no sense because the area itself is very flammable and a flame that size would cause serious damage.

The object also went out and reappeared about 200m ahead of its trajectory within the span of 2 or so seconds and again 600m away in a southerly trajectory, south west of the last flash point. The entire incident lasted maybe 6 seconds.

In order for any moving object to move and turn sharply at that speed it would have had to clear 4 farm fences. My first thought was it could be a light from the petro SA substation as it could line up with the initial flash points ( substation is to the west of the airfield ) but the third one is nonsensical as the direction of the ‘afterburner’ would suggest a light source from the south.

There were no other aircraft in the area nor farm vehicles capable of covering that distance or turning in that span of time due to the fences, even if they could somehow match the speed. There were two of us in the aircraft, both of us have no idea what we saw and once our turn was complete we took off for another circuit but saw nothing.

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