Orange Lights – Midrand

Time and date: 17 April 2015 at 20:14
Place: Midrand
Submitted by: Hari


I just observed a sighting which requires confirmation.
Details :
1) Midrand, Cnr Le Roux Avenue & Bekker str
2) Time 20:14 approximately
3) Date 17/04/2015
4) Lights looked like flickering lamps ; one light per object ; there were 2 of them. Moving in sync maintaining a distance of approximately 10-20 meters (stand to be corrected depending on height)
5) Shape could not be determined due to night sky
6) Travelling at a consistent speed of 100 or more km/h ; however could not judge the height. Hence speed may not be correctly noted

ufo midrand

3 thoughts on “Orange Lights – Midrand

  1. Hi Hari

    Interesting !
    It’s not easy to judge by your photo, but you could buy two lanterns and set them off. Take photos and compare.

    Remember to pay attention to the colour, speed and flickering. lanterns flicker. lol. The orange is predominant and common with lanterns. But hey! I was never there. Great observation.


  2. just saw a fleet of 8 of these lights flying in NYC.

  3. Just spotted 10 to 15 moving in formation low over Cornelius NC and Lake Norman. They made no sound. Have them on Iphone video.

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