Orange Lights in Sky | Port Elizabeth

Place: Kamma Park, Port Elizabeth
Time and date: 00h30 on 1 Jan 2013
Submitted by: Michael Barrett

At about 00h30 on 1 Jan 2013 I observed a number of orange lights in the sky above Kamma Park in Port Elizabeth. My companion also saw them and I remarked that the formation looked like the constellation Orion. It was not possible that it could actually be Orion because the lights were too big and were bright and orange.

I was driving at the time and then a tree obscured the lights. When we passed the tree they were completely gone. A short distance up the road I saw a single orange light in the sky. I then pulled over and got out the car.

Initially the light was stationary, then it began to move from west to east.

My companion suggested it might be a helicopter but there was no sound at all. Eventually it disappeared from view. At this time there were no other lights in the sky. The other 7 or 8 lights had completely vanished.

3 thoughts on “Orange Lights in Sky | Port Elizabeth

  1. Zelda van Rensburg

    Also saw a single orange light travel towards Paradise Beach Jeffreys Bay, it stood dead still for a while. Amazing!!!

  2. There have been a few reports of orange lights in the sky around Kamma Park!!! Not all on this site though…. would love to see it – I live in that area

  3. It was Chinese lanterns… Part of new years celebrations!!!!

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