Orange lights in Melkbosstrand

Time and date: 2 January 2014 at 9:45 PM
Place: Melkbosstrand
Submitted by: Loraine

On 2 Jan 2014 at around 9:45pm my husband called me outside on our stoep because he thought initially he was seeing a strangely fast-moving satellite. I came out and saw it and we both felt it was way too bright and fast for a satellite. It was a bright orange light, about the size of a bright star. It moved from left to right (from south to north) much too fast for an airplane. There was no sound. It was moving over the ocean and seemed to originate near Table Mountain initially moving upwards and then across. Then another 8 – 10 similar bright lights flew out in similar trajectories, each fading out approximately at 90 degrees to the coastline, straight out to sea from Melkbosstrand. We grabbed our binoculars and watched them. They seemed like singular orange orbs with no other colour distinctions within. We noticed a helicopter flying above Melkbosstrand in a southerly direction – they must have had an excellent view of the lights. Very strange sighting…

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