Orange Lights Forming Diamond Formation – Durban

Place: Durban
Time and date: 00:15 24 March 2013
Submitted by: Riyash Misra

There were bright orange balls in the sky, around 8 in total. They seemed to hover, moving very fast at first then slowed down to form a diamond formation and then separated again flying off until the disappeared. It seems they appeared through a break in the night sky. Could anybody else please let me know if they witnessed this as well?

5 thoughts on “Orange Lights Forming Diamond Formation – Durban

  1. Where abouts in Durbs did you witness this??

  2. Riyash Misra

    In the suburb of Reservoir Hills along the vicinity of the M19 freeway

  3. Hi, this is pretty freaky now. This morning at 1:30 I saw a really bright light. My dad and I woke up with it as well.

  4. Last night 27 March 2013 at around 19:45 I saw also around 8 orange lights in the sky that were coming towards earth all at different intervals but within a space of 5 mins I saw 8 of them, they looked like balls of fire almost they all then went in exactly the same direction and seemed to have changed colour, when they changed direction they looked like aeroplanes but were going to fast to be aeroplanes, is this similar to what you saw?

  5. I obseverved two orange/red ligjts in the sky near Port Shepstone . They appeared to be flying without making any sound . I managed to see them through binoculars . The light was extremely intense almost like red phosphorous burning. First one flew by from north (Durban direction) to south (Port Elizabeth direction ).
    At first i thought they may be experimental aircraft flying without proper navigation lights. Then i realisef if that was the case then what i had witnessed was extremely dangerous due to other aircraft using the same route. There would be a serious accident if these ligjts colided with a passenger aircraft especially as they had no forward facing white navigation lights to warn oncoming traffic. This is a serious matter . The number of sightings on this blog sight throughout South africa and numerous other sights from the rest of the world reporting the same or similar objects in the sky strangely only at night more or less between the hours of 7pm and 2am. It is only a question of time until there is a collision and then no doubt no explantion as to the cause of the crash.
    Surely this phenomenon is serious enough for World Governments to be involved with identification and notification of these phenomena to Airlines and private pilots ? There certainly are enough amateur observers who would love to know just what exactly they have witnessed in the sky.
    Having witnessed the Phenomenon myself has made me less skeptical of the possibility of an alien life force out there or something or person that has the capability of creating such a magnificant “flying machine”
    Could this be the start of the new generation aircraft or is it simply the aliens observing our countries and what they have to offer? Could it be more sinister perhaps military surveilance for sinister purposes?

    Perhaps we should turn the tables on them and ask them what they have to offer us ?

    Date of sightings 13/03/2013
    Port Shepstone
    low level plus minus 350ft.
    No sound.
    Erratic flight path
    No navigation lights.
    Bright phosphorous intensity orange/red single light on
    Starboard side.
    Disappearance into approaching low level nimbus clouds.

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