Orange light makes its second appearance

Date: 15/04/2017
Time: 07:07 pm
Place: Napierville, Pietermaritzburg
Submitted by: Nosy


It’s quite a clear night and the sky was bright and starry. I just happened to be star gazing with my family when we noticed a bright orange light coming into sight from the West. It flew at a steady place and it was quite high up in the sky, and we ruled out it was an aeroplane because it stopped twice in midair. It had another light flashing white behind it, while the main craft flashed a bright orange, and the shape of the craft was a vertical diamond shape. I quickly went inside the house to get a camera to take a video but when I got back in the space of 10 seconds, it was gone. My mother said as soon as I went inside it changed direction to South and disappeared.

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