Orange light few meters from plane

Date: 23-03-2015
Time: Around 6:10am
Location: Cape Town
Submitted by: Juan

This morning as I departed Cape Town on my way to JHB, I was staring out of the plane’s window right after take off (as any window seat passenger would) – It was early enough for the sun not to have risen yet, so it was still pretty dark.

I suddenly saw a big bright orange ball / light zipping past. It was at such a high speed that I only saw it for about half a second to a second. It was about a meter or so away from the plane.

My first reaction was “woah” that nearly hit the plane” then the more I tried to come to a logical conclusion as to what it may have been, the more the hair on my neck and arms started raising – Denying yet accepting what I’ve just seen.

I’ve been a skeptic my whole life but this morning somehow makes me feel different this time around.

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