Orange circular lights in sky

Date: 29/08/2018
Time: 06:35 pm
Place: Newlands east, durban
Submitted by: Rihaz


Orange circular lights appeared in the sky above Newlands East. At first it was just two which seemed to be travelling in the same direction. Then a third appeared and then a fourth. They then changed direction twice going from left to right and then away from me and finally they disappeared one at a time.

One thought on “Orange circular lights in sky

  1. Dhananjay rugbeer

    My family also saw those amazing unusual lights as well I’m in isipingo I have been living near the old Durban international Airport all my life so I know what’s an aeroplane and what’s not…. This was no plane and the red lights seemed to move in a spiral pattern at an extreme high speed like mig fighter jet would.

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