Orange ball over Bindura

Time and date: During 1978 at midnight
Place: Zimbabwe
Submitted by: Doug Herron

This is a while back and took place during the Rhodesian bush war in 1978.

My unit was stationed outside Bindura northeast of then Salisbury (Harare).

It was close to midnight and I was on my way to radio watch when I happened to glance up at the night sky. It was a cloudless night and I was amazed to see this enormous orange sphere that was stationary and glowing brightly in the north sky.

I checked for the moon and it was there, but dwarfed by this glowing orb. If I were to make a comparison in size, it was at least four times larger the full moon.

This sighting was corroborated by the guard on duty.

To this day I regret not having observed how this object disappeared because instead of observing it further, I went to report it to the officers tent and was also was in a hurry to get to the radio tent to see if any troops called in the sighting so I could attempt to triangulate a fix on it’s location.

The one consolation that I got was that one of the officer’s had experienced the same sighting and when we looked up to where we had both seen the object it had vanished!

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