Orange Ball of Light

Date: 12/03/2017
Time: 09:15 pm
Place: 60km outside Thabazimbi
Submitted by: Boertjie


I am Afrikaans please excuse my English if it’s not spot on. We are game farmers 60km outside of Thabazimbi. I was out in our Polaris offroad multi vechile looking for foxes(jackals) to shoot, most of our impala and sables just calfed so we need to hunt to keep the young calfs alive, as I was driving trough the bush with the spotlight I saw a masssive orange glow, a lot like a bush fire would look in the distance during the night, I immediately drove to the light as I thought our bush caught fire. As I got closer I saw that the light was pulling back from where it was, the light was coming from the thick bush then started moving back towards the river bank(crocodile river). The was shining in all,directions then as if the light was sucked to one point the light pulled back and formed a ball shape, went up slowly till just above the tree line, and strarted bolting towards the Botswana border direction. Kept flying low and fast, was about the size of a bus, maybe a bit smaller, I was in disbelief for a couple of minutes then shocked or I still am. We did go have a look again that night and morning no signs of broken trees branches or anything burnt. No traces at all. I now go out every night and put up tree cam hoping to see what is was.

Anyway very strange makes me feel cold all over when I think of it.

3 thoughts on “Orange Ball of Light

  1. Traditionally sightings like this would be explained away by skeptics as “swamp gas”. Definitely not the case here. Alternatively Chinese lanterns are often mistaken as Balls of Light, but that’s also not the case here due to the size of the flying object.

    Very interesting. Tree cam footage would greatly compliment your report.

    Cattle mutilations don’t really occur to often these days globally, but there could be a link with the calving period and your sighting – speculation of course – but looking for some explanation.

  2. Can I ask if this was your first sighting or have you seen something similar before?

    • Hi

      That was my firsts and so far last one, I go out every night now and have not seen anything.

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