Object seen in dark of night

Date: 16/02/2018
Time: 08:28 pm
Place: Paarl
Submitted by: W*


I was casually sitting on my stoop in the Eastern suburbs of Paarl, looking over the night sky to the north. My eyes wandered across the horizon, above the roof of the house across from us and I saw an object against the dark night sky. The object made no sound but a dim beam shone down. Now, how I saw the object with no light was the reflection of the city’s lights onto the object. I could see this dark object against the blue on the night. I saw it move in a northerly direction. The dim beam shone down in a cone shape – from close under the object to where the beam ‘ended’ was wider than where the light came from. The sighting lasted for about 5 seconds before it. I tried calling my Dad to witness but when he came out the object had faded and I could no longer see the shape in the direction it was heading.

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