Object Radiating White Light – Tableview

Place: Tableview, Western Cape
Time and date: 21:53 at 23 March
Submitted by: Viktor Charlie Hotel

At 21:53, I saw an object radiating a very white light. Something the same colour as a white XENON headlight on a car. It was hovering over the Table View, Coastal Area. I didn’t hear a sound as it was too far, approx. 700-1000 Meters.

It made movements so fast, no jet or scramjet for that matter would be able to make in the short time that it made them. Something to move that fast requires its own gravitational field. I can only estimate the speed at which it moved. Easily mach 5 but without breaking the sound barrier. It hovered in one place for no longer than 4 seconds at a time, its movements didn’t have a pattern, it was scrambled.

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