Object in the Drakensberg sky

Time and date: May 2014
Place: Drakensberg
Submitted by: Chris Clark

The attached photos were taken in the Northern Drakensberg in May 2014. I took a series of pictures of an exceptionally red sunset at intervals of a couple of seconds as I adjusted exposure settings. It was only when I looked at the photos afterwards that I noticed a strange object in the last frame of the series. This produced plenty of theories about insects, dust and camera faults etc but I am fairly certain that the object is beyond the clouds and would love to receive your views on what it might be. Attached are the original photo and a zoomed in detail from it.

One thought on “Object in the Drakensberg sky

  1. Me and my mom saw a solid, rusty coloured, cigar shaped object, very high up in the sky, on Thursday the 29th of December 2005, just before sunset. We were near Hopetown, going more or less 90 km per hour, keeping an eye on the object. It continued to stay stationary in the sky straight ahead of us, like the moon, only growing a little closer and larger after half an hour, but also fading away and disappearing completely a few minutes later.

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