Object hovering in one spot – Mahikeng

Date: 16/01/2018
Time: 01:44 am
Place: Mahikeng North West Province South Africa
Submitted by: Mariet


My son noticed a strange light… which I thought might be a drone. The light looked spherical… then later changed into like a triangular shape. With part “breaking” of and returning. It then started moving and it dimmed a bit and just dissapeared

2 thoughts on “Object hovering in one spot – Mahikeng

  1. lol you know this is sick.. I think everyone is sick of these light stories.. Everybody talks anout lights lights!.. Lol why ”light”. Has anyone seen real alien spaceship or an alien..lol i’m sick of these light sightings coz theres lights every were!..lol.. Bullshit ”lights”

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