Noisy Bright Lights – Rooihuiskraal

Time and date: 29 September 2015 at 11:35 PM
Place: Rooihuiskraal
Submitted by: Jo

Monday evening 11:35.
Rooihuiskraal Noord, Goshawk street.
Sitting at my pc, house is quiet. My son asleep, my boyfriend out.
I hear this noise. (Soos ‘n gedreun van ‘n lae vliegtuig, generator van ‘n buurman)

I get up, walk to the other side of the house to the lounge, to look out the door to try and see and hear whats going on. Heard it louder but could not establish where it was coming from.

So I go back to the pc at the other side of the house. So I am trying to go on but it got louder, very annoying and draining. Got up again walked up and down, only to look out the lounge window and see nothing, and then I realized the sound was here. And I saw these brights lights in a row, moving (flying, slow but fast) like over us. And then the draining sound faded away as well.

OMW!! Am I loosing it?

One thought on “Noisy Bright Lights – Rooihuiskraal

  1. The same thing happened to me about 8 years ago in Jeffreys bay ,the sound was so intense that everybody was talking about it the next day

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