No sighting, just the sound of…

Date: 03/08/2016
Time: 10:30 pm
Place: Boston, Bellville
Submitted by: Latash


I was standing outside my house in Boston and heard something, which sounded very much like a rocket (2 to be correct) passing over the roof of our house. There was no lights and I could not see anything. The sound, however gave the impression that, whatever made the sound, although suttle, must be powerful. Was there any military practices tonight?

One thought on “No sighting, just the sound of…

  1. I am from South Africa and tonight around 8:40 pm in Randpark Ridge the 08/08/2016 I was standing looking at Mars cause it is so bright and highly visible to the naked eye and all of a sudden I also here a pop like a sound that broke through something and saw this rocket looking thing moving faster than a jet saw it for 7 seconds then it split into 2 then with another pop it disappeared. I thought it was a shooting star but that was to close.

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