NIBIRU !undeniable

Date: 17/10/2016
Time: 05:30 pm
Place: Above Sandton ,Jhb South Africa
Submitted by: Ilanos


I track this very bright object,it is only visible from 17:30 till 22:30 at this time it disappears from the night sky in the same fashion as the sun setting over the horizon I have been viewing it with binoculars and an amateur telescope. It’s appearance is that of what can best be described as my mothers coined description : pacman ; millions of moving “PAC men” that form a swirling plasma which I have come to understand is our view of most celestial bodies,which are misconstrued for being “balls of gas” the common explanation for stars…I believe the human perspective only allows for us to see these habitable dimensions in their energy forms…Nibiru is getting bigger meaning it’s getting closer.i conclude this consistent celestial being I witness is none other and the world should start to consider it more emphatically..

4 thoughts on “NIBIRU !undeniable

  1. Christof van Tonder

    Sounds like Psuedo science to me. Why would thousands of scientists worldwide and astronomers alike all cover this up? Too many people out there and dont tell me about ridicule-campaigns and so on. Its just SO unlikely. cheers

  2. I think this is the planet Venus that you are viewing

    • Yeah I also feel Mike is 100% correct. Venus also set about 2hr after the sun has set in the West.

  3. StarTrekker

    You Sir are a nut-case.

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