New Years 2014 Sighting in Joburg

Time and date: 1 January 2014
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: Kirk

During the afternoon of 01 Jan 2014 I spotted a shiny object hovering over Joburg. It was higher than an aircraft, I know this because a plane passed underneath then the object moved toward the West of Joburg. I lost sight of it because of the sun.

3 thoughts on “New Years 2014 Sighting in Joburg

  1. Hi Kirk , I live in Meyerton and after midnight New Year and much celebration , but little alcohol , I observed 1 orange object moving horizontally from north east to south west which initially gave an orange glow which then sort of faded out almost as though the outer skin was on fire then in streaks of orange petered out behind it ,but a dark object still faintly visible behind the “glow”
    Then some 20 minutes later I observed the same slow moving object to the south
    but went behind trees and lost sight of it.
    This is the sixth sighting I have had of the same type of object around Meyerton since June 2013 .
    The first in June 2013 was quite spectacular , my son and I observed what appeared to be an aircraft on fire , pure orange flames trailing behind it [but no smoke] honestly I thought this was a plane going down into Meyerton town , as the object curved downwards slightly , and I was under the impression this aircraft was now going into the ground, then it stopped instantly in the air and hovered a few thousand feet above the ground , the flames had gone and were replaced by a deep orange /red glow quite bright though ,however there was a bit of stormy weather around that weekend and this object was “exposed” when lightning flashed in the clouds behind it , it looked like hot metal , although the shape was not easy to make out I could see some rings around it , may have been cone shaped with flat top and bottom.
    The object then moved slowly and disappeared into the storm clouds , and then the lightning went beserk for a short while , strike after strike , I was getting a bit nervous at this unusual activity .
    And of the 6 sightings , all seem to go to /or originate from the same area west of Meyerton , 2 of the sightings appeared to be coming off the ground in a vertical take off , the one I obseved was a crimson red at the take off and then as it started its forward motion turned a deep orange , its motion was very much like watching a helicopter , this one flew straight over our house , witnessed by the wife and our kids , I might add that they are completely silent , and accelerate very quickly .
    Coincidentally I looked this up on the www and found that the same sightings were taking place all over the world [the orange orbs]

  2. Hi There,
    I too have noticed this as my wife and I visted my parents in Meyerton.
    My wife (not believing in UFO’s) made me aware of this same strange ornage object travelling through the horizion just a few minutes before midnight on new years eve.
    This is not the first time that I too have witnessed something like this in my life time.
    Years back, when I was about 14 years of age (now 37 years old) experienced A UFO sightning in the walkerville area where I was qoken by a humming sound accompanied by a bright light flashing and humming in a sequence of 3 stages (the light starting of bright and dimming with each stage).
    My dad and I saw the same thing at the same time and what was so significant was that our bedroom’s windows where one directed to the south, and the other was directed to the north.

    As we both went out to investigate, we looked up into the sky and saw a bright object as bright as a star, yet close enough to touch should accross the sky, straight above and over our heads.

    It was a time and experience I will never forget.

  3. Hi there. It seems the same one passed over my head at about 200m above ground. from the front it was bright red /orange light. the bottom is pointy and cones up to the top and then flat at the top. It has a long shape from the side which is like a dragonfly the head and tail to the back . on the top of it is 2 flat rectangular shaped antennas (look like) pointed to the right side. I made a drawing of it (very unusual shape).nb. no propeller blades, no rocket boosters, no wings , no rotor , no jet engines and no noise or sound from this object. It passed over me at about 160km/h. I have seen 5 different ufo’s so far .

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