My 3 year old toddler pointed at the sky

Time and date: June 2015 in the morning
Place: ?
Submitted by: Juandre van Niekerk

One morning about two months ago I was driving in the car with my year old baby and my 3 year old toddler.. my toddler pointed something out in the sky and got my attention by saying ” look mommy, an aeroplane”. when I looked to where he was pointing I saw an object in the sky and it wasn’t a plane… an aeroplane moves across the sky and has wings and a tail.. that object hovered in the sky for a few seconds, and moved downward.. and eventually I couldn’t see it anymore because of houses and trees blocking my sight… I couldn’t take a photo although I tried ( but was busy driving).. it hovered in the sky not for very long but for long enough for me to see that its not a plane… its shape was very odd.. and it was a silvery/grey colour..

the shape is hard to explain but ill try…. it was a big object and long as well.. it looked like it had a longish flat bubble in the centre and it had long sides but very flat… it wasn’t as close but it was definitely in our atmosphere.. and usually you hear a plane when it flies across the sky.. the object didn’t really have a sound or lights.. I’ve been one of those people who used to say that seeing is believing and I never believed in ET theories.. but after what I saw that day, I now believe that we are not the only living beings in our huge universe. I would anyways not have seen it, if it wasn’t for my son that had pointed it out.

One thought on “My 3 year old toddler pointed at the sky

  1. Hi Juandre , interesting sighting ,+- what time in the morning and whereabouts did you witness this ?

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