Multiple sightings of strange lights on two separate occasions

Date: 29/09/2018
Time: 01:00 am
Place: Muldersdrift
Submitted by: Lucas


Myself and a close mate were enjoying drinks beside a fire late on the Saturday of 22 September when our conversation was interrupted by two bright white lights quickly passing over us at a very low altitude. There was no sound from these bright, adjacent lights. We both were in disbelief of what we had seen and had no logical explanation of what it could be as it was definitely not similar to any aircraft/drone we had ever soon.

The following weekend two of my different mates (who I had not told about what I’d seen prior to this) claimed that they had seen an unusual light quickly illuminate the area and then disappear. This also acured around midnight

Living on this property for well over 20 years I had never seen or heard of anything unusual until these two weekends.

Of the four of us who had seen this none of us can come up with any kind of idea of what might of caused such.

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