Multiple sightings in Hartbeespoort area

I have seen a number of very strange things in the sky in the Hartbeespoort area during the last weeks. Apart from the fuel dump of SpaceX’s Falcon spacecraft which left a halo ring in the atmosphere I actually saw unidentified objects in the sky on four occasions during the last four weeks.

One night I was driving home from Meerhof to Ifafi at about 10:15 when I saw whap appeared to be a disk with multiple golden yellow lights on its edge floating overt the dam in front of the Magaliesberg mountains. It moved overt he mountain and thereafter disappeared from view.

Another night we had out parents over and my dad saw something that looked like a star in front of a cloud in the West just after sunset which disappeared in an instant.

While talking to my neighbour over the fence a few nights ago she saw the same ligts in the sky and wondered if it was a shooting star.

Last night we were walking around at Pecanwood when a group of six of us saw exactly the same phenomenon.

All oft his was leading up to what happened later the night. While my parents were on their way back to Pretoria last night they encountered the same light on the N4 highway, but this time it was moving close to ground level en diagonally passed by my parents car on the highway from front left the back right (South West) and then disappeared in a red flash. They were quite startled by it as they thought it was a car on the wrong side of the road that would impact them.

I nearly forgot, four weeks ago I was nearly home on my way from work when I saw a bright silver light or object passing over in the sky above me. We are close to an airport but this was not a plane. It moved slowly and the intensity of its light was very striking. No clear outline was visible.

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