Multiple sighting over Durbanville

Time and date: 28 Oct 2015 (21:00)
Place: Durbanville
Submitted by: Jacques le Roux

We noticed 12 objects flying on groups of 2 or 3 over a span of 10 minutes flying over the Durbanville area towards Malmesbury (nortwest). Objects were sizes of sattelites, moving without sound. Speed was however close to that of meteors- but streakless and without losing altitude. Could see them over most of the sky. Was observed by both my husband and myself. None of our cameras could focus on the low lights. These were not planes, as there was no sound or any flashing lights. We compared it to other obvious planes and sattelites over the same 10mins, but these were unmistakebly different. All moved in exactly the same direction (converged), but some originated from different points in the east.

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