Multiple Red Lights in Durban

ufo sighting chatsworth durban

Date 05/01/2015
Time 8:50pm
Place: Durban Chatsworth (objects came from South and appeared to be moving East )
Submitted by: Zahid

Objects were very far to hear any sound.
Red lights (some may of had 2 red lights)
Could not make out the objects size or shape, i only saw red lights as it was very dark then.
They traveled slowly, and moved out of view.

I was working on my computer, when my mother ran into the room frantically calling me to see something, she said she didn’t know what it was. I came onto our balcony to find at least 10 red lights in the sky, i was just about to brush this off as fireworks, when i notice one light moving vertically up and another moving down, then both alternated direction, and then i saw more appear in the same direction, some moving up others moving horizontally. Unfortunately my Samsung mobile could not pick them up , i do have few shots , and you will just see 1 or 2 spots, also there was a street lights that made it difficult to get a good shot. However my father had another digital camera which manage to get a slightly better shot when it brighten the image. According to my mother she saw more than 50 red lights before she called me.

ufo sighting chatsworth durban

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