Flashing UFOs Communication Over Table View – 18 November 2015

Time and date: 30 November 2015 at 10:00 PM
Place: Table View
Submitted by: Bruce

This occurrence happened 18 November 2015, roughly between 9:00PM and 10:00PM

I was watching satellites visually (No Telescope) that night, and saw a one single light flash (1) once. This light was over head in Table view, I turned to see if it was an aircraft, and saw another light roughly over table mountain (2) flash twice. Then light one (1) flashed once again, light two (2) flashed twice, again light one flashed once and light two responded. Then light 1 stop and slowing started moving in a northerly direction. Light 2 I couldn’t see what it did and which direction it traveled.

It could not be an aircraft because of the following:
1. The lights weren’t continuously flashing, like aircraft strobes, they were intermittent.
2. The light WERE stagnant and fixed in position, I used a point on my roof to confirm it was NOT moving. Aircraft have to move in order to remain aloft otherwise they stall and fall out of the sky.

5 thoughts on “Flashing UFOs Communication Over Table View – 18 November 2015

  1. Saw the same thing occur on the 23.12.2015 at around 23:00pm in the sky above sunset beach. Just one star like object in a stationary position that went from dim to very bright in a matter of seconds,then disappears.

  2. Just seen some interesting lights over western cape sky. Somerset west side. Anyone seen the same?

  3. Saw the same thing last night (26/05/2016) looking from Durbanville towards N7/Table mountain. Went on for a while… One bright light fading every now and then, but never out of sight, and making the slightest of movements. About 20 others around it “communicating” with their lights and making vast movements.

    It really is time for who ever hides information from us to reveal what all this is about…

  4. I see it often

  5. I’ve had 2 instances in the past 2 weeks where these strange lights appear and disappear in the sky. They kinda look like stars at 1st but they rapidly dim, even to the point where they are not visible, then reappear moments later. One light in particular was, what looked to me, hovering over table mountain then dims into invisibility, re-brightens and shoots of to the north at unexplainable speed. This happened on 11/01/2017 and am situated in Delft, saw it while facing West at 23h30-ish.. when it dashed off it was in a Northernly direction.

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