Moving Stars over Roodepoort

Date: 04/06/2018
Time: 09:00 pm
Place: Roodepoort West
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Im a educated professional but this blew my mind. It started a few weeks ago for me. I’ve been tracking an orange star that disappearshe just as quickly as it appears. On Monday evening after putting my little one to bed I looked out my window and saw one big bright “star” flickering a lot more that an other star in the sky.(opposite direction of the orange 8th I usually track) Watched it for a while, as I closed the curtain it caught my attention when it moved up, back and and forth then down. Thought it was my imagination. But then suddenly the sky was filled with stars. Then i realised they were moving in unison. They don’t all flicker at once but when they did I saw they formed an arc shape that looked like it was hovering by movement in relation they hey each other. Soon after that there was a streak of light (looks like a shooting star but going upward direction) Very weird. No noise, no aeroplanes, no birds. It was silent. If anyone is out in that area please just watch the big stars…… just watch what they do.

3 thoughts on “Moving Stars over Roodepoort

  1. This is awesome. I wish I had seen it. Whenever I read cool reports like this I get FOMO. Haha.

  2. hi there myself wife and kids saw something either similar or it was the same thing….witnessed it on more than 1 occassion…
    im close to featherbrooke

  3. Yes, I sit outside many a night. I saw this, move up back and forth – as you describe it. I have witnessed many unexplained sightings since I started looking up more often from 2014… including triangular shaped and huge object and if you listen deeply you hear a sound, hard to describe here.
    I am somewhere in the east rand and were looking in the northern direction.

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