Moving Stars over Port Elizabeth

Date: 21/07/2018
Time: 09:00 pm
Place: Port Elizabeth; Pine Lodge
Submitted by: Shawn


Saturday evening we noticed some movement amongst the stars; the objects looked like stars; as it was same brightness as stars around it; also it was a clear sky with no aeroplanes in sight or could be heard. We witnessed 3 of these stars moving across the skies in the same direction.

Did anyone else witness this?

5 thoughts on “Moving Stars over Port Elizabeth

  1. Could be satellites. I regularly look out for them. On rare occasions I have seen three or more at a time traveling in the same direction.

  2. Saw one fast moving light same night from Port Alfred heading toward the ocean. Never seen such a thing. Spoke to someone else who saw it as well.

  3. On July 23 2018 at about 19H00 , me, my wife and two daughters saw the same thing. It went on for about two hours. It was the strangest thing. Looked like stars, but if I am not mistaken it will fall in one direction. This looked like it was changing direction. We saw more than five stars at different occasions.
    Just stars moving at high speeds. Anybody got answers for this or not. ???

  4. Mim using heavens above. I also saw two fast moving stars on a clear night. Moving much faster than sattelites. Almost as if following each other and very close to one another.

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