Moving Stars in the Daytime

stars in the day

TIme and date: 8 February 2014
Place: Goodwood, Cape Town
Submitted by: Deon

On 08-02-14 we were driving to Grandwest in Goodwood. My daughter all of a sudden says “daddy I see sparkly things in the sky” I tried looking and at first couldn’t see anything. My wife also couldn’t see anything, then eventually I managed to see these things that looked like stars in the sky, only they were moving, disappearing, reappearing moving in different directions. I rushed to find a parking spot so I could get a better look. I looked up and there were so many of them I could not count. Some were close to one another, some looked like they were together and then moved apart from one another.

There were some in groups of 6 or more and it spanned across a large piece of the sky. I called over two people that just climbed out of their car to witness what we were seeing, just in case this was only my imagination! They both could see what were were seeing. I then asked more people walking by and they also could see what I saw. This confirmed that I had seen something I’ve never seen before.

I do not know what weather balloons look like when they are up in the air, could it have been weather balloons? Meteor shower perhaps? I doubt a meteor shower though. Also this was during the day at 4pm. I took 3 pictures with my phone, once I moved into the shade I realized that I had it only set to 3mp and not 20mp! The quality was not great but I could still kind of see the light “sparkly objects”.

The pictures are attached, I have used Light Room 5 to zoom in and then Photoshop to put the circles around the “sparkly objects”. I am not sure what the quality of the upload will be but if you look closely other than the ones I circled there are more of those “sparkly objects”.

Please excuse my use of the word “sparkly” It’s the way my daughter described it 🙂

stars in the day

stars in the day

stars in the day

6 thoughts on “Moving Stars in the Daytime

  1. Hi,
    In 2012 i experienced the exact same thing in Sandton, Johannesburg.
    I took pictures with my phone and on reviewing my pictures the objects look similar to the ones you saw.

    • Hi Phil. I also found another report of something similar to what I saw in Mexico a few years ago. Thanks for responding. Would like to know what these are.

  2. Hi i saw one of these today.. i took a video of it and I wish i could post if on here..I’m actually lost for words Because I am the only one that saw it..

  3. Hi, I saw the exact same star-like objects on 30 November2015 between 8h25 – 9h55 (yes in broad daylight) from Garsfontein, Pretoria. I reported it on this website and on Mufon. I couldnt believe what I was seeing at the time – still no explanation from any quarters.

  4. Did anyone see them today 17 Sept 2017 at 8pm over Cape Towm? There were hundreds of them dancing in the sky. It was an amazing spectacle but would love to know if there is an astronomical explanation

    • Hi Nora,

      I’ve seen these several times now. Didnt think I would see it again after that first sighting.
      So if you see a woman looking up at the sky in broad daylight, that could be me…
      I dont see them – most likely I miss their appearance while busy doing other things – for long periods and then when I do I’m surprised all over.
      I keep trying to take better videos and pics but its difficult as they’re in clusters and sometimes spread across the sky.
      I have managed to take some pictures and a video clips.
      The last sighting here in Pretoria was Fri, 14th September 2018.

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