Moving Star Over Helderberg Mountains Cape Town

Time and Date: 1 January 2015 9:00pm
Place: Helderberg
Submitted By: Oliver

Our balcony has a wide view of the helderberg and Hottentot holland mountain ranges.
It was about 9:00pm and i was getting some air outside when i spotted a “star” in the sky, although it seemed out of place, to low and to bright to be a star so i watched it.

The object didn’t move for about ten minutes so i went back inside. About five minutes later i looked from the bedroom window and the object was still there, then it dimmed and started displaying an assortment of smaller flashing shiny white lights, in some sort of sequence.

I got my binoculars and followed it as it again turned into a star shape, and it was moving slowly.
It then disappeared completely only to reappear more to the right and started flashing again. I was too far away to hear any sound.

Whole sequence happened again, then no sign after 15 mins.

One thought on “Moving Star Over Helderberg Mountains Cape Town

  1. Hi Oliver, I think I may have seen the same or similar last night
    we have seen on 7 occasions the orange red orbs and last week a very fast and low green orb , here in Meyerton Gauteng , I am a keen stargazer
    so spend much time out on the stoep looking upwards with my binos.

    I spotted a very low “star” on the southern horizon quite large and also seemingly out of place , I would have said satellite but it was not moving at all , it was there for at least half an hour . what was unusual to me is that normally the atmospheric dust at that low angle would normally cover up any stars . And as I was watching it , it suddenly moved downwards and faded out. this was fairly early also around 21.00 hrs

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