Moving Star like objects

Date: 27/10/2018
Time: 08:45 pm
Place: Vaal River
Submitted by: Keith Petitt


My niece and I decided to take a walk to the river and appreciate the night beauty especially the colourful lights from the other side reflecting back at us on the water.

We both decided to lie on our back and do some star gazing as the night sky was nice and clear. It was during our search for the Three Sisters that I pointed to the stars and told her “I swear that star is moving” she had a look and confirmed that it indeed was moving amount the stars, then the debate started whether what we were looking at was indeed maybe a Satellite, my argument was that it was moving to slow to be a satellite in orbit.

I soon won the debate, as the “moving Star” changed direction and headed back towards where it came from, then just disappeared. We were both in disbelieve and our thoughts not even cold yet, when either another (or the same one) was moving across our line of sight, this one changed direction a few times and continued heading away from us.

That night my niece and I spotted a total of 5 moving objects (not sure if some were the same or all different)

I believe it’s my duty to have this somehow documented cause maybe, just maybe, someone other than us saw what we were seeing.


One thought on “Moving Star like objects

  1. Last night, the 27th October 2018, I was outside actually looking at bat’s. Flying around the yard of our B&B in Sandbaai, Hermanus. When just then I saw what I now think was a comet. I know satellites well, it was not a satellite. It was a lot closer and had a long thick tail behind it, there was a green tint to the tail and the front ball was white. It was closer like within our atmosphere and start at the top of my vision and went all the way down towards the horizon as if it hit the earth lol. I wonder if anyone else saw it. This happened around 11pm maybe just after. I was in the south/West direction. Looking towards onrus.

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