Moving star-like object, Helderkruin/Wilropark

Time and date: 4:25am Sunday 6 December
Place: Wilropark/Helderkruin
Submitted by: Jacques De Kock

I was looking out the window when I noticed a star like object suddenly appearing high up in the sky,  from where I was standing the UFO was in a northerly direction and initially appeared to be a star but then the object made a zigzag (up n down) movement before moving from west to east in a straight line, the object made no sound and moved at various speeds from slow to extremely fast and then slow again repeatedly for about a minute before moving out of visual range.

My girlfriend who was with me when this occured said she initially thought the object to be a satellite but was unable to visually understand the manner in which the object moved.

The sighting was bizarre and difficult to understand/explain as there are not much to compare what we saw with.

2 thoughts on “Moving star-like object, Helderkruin/Wilropark

  1. Hi ,

    I have witnessed the same thing on numerous occasions and i am confident to say that what you witnessed is by no means from earth… My reason being…
    too high
    too fast
    no flicking lights

    i saw the object a few times over a few years and it was definitly a UFO controlled by someone or something…

  2. My fiancé and I have charted a star in the sky for about a week now, sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not, when it’s there it moves slowly in a square, to the left and to the right and up and down, but very slow.
    Curiosity got the best of us and we pulled out our telescope, whatever it is, it’s not a star, it doesn’t blink or shimmer like a star, and it’s not diamond shaped. It’s a large ball with a line in the middle and jagged u like shapes on the upper left and lower right corners. My fiancé said it looked like a Death Star. I thought he was joking until I saw it for myself, and to be honest, right now we want answers.

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