Moving Red Light | Tableview

Place: Tableview, Cape Town
Time and date: 21:30 2013-02-26
Submitted by: Craig Dell

Red light moved from the bottom of Devils Peak towards Blouberg area where it then just dissapeared. I live in Parklands and watched the light which took about 2 minutes, it was a constant red light, no flashing or any other colour lights with it. Could it have been a plane??

4 thoughts on “Moving Red Light | Tableview

  1. elizabeth kohler

    Spotted a fast moving bright red light, have seen it many times before, only moving on one level, sometimes little below trees’ hight, tonight 27 /02/13 seen it move a bit higher, never has any sound. It is not the Chinese
    lanterns, they start moving up into the sky, visible for long periods as well. Only one flying past. What is it ?

    • Mark Kirchner

      Hi I live in tableview have seen them as well and despite what these other idiots say they are not chinese lanterns or saturn , the best one I saw flew right over my head about 10 stories off the ground with no noise flying in a dead straight level flight across the sky and I had other people with me who also saw it .its too fast and too big to be a chinese lantern and if that was the planet saturn then we would all be dead

  2. My parents and i spotted several of these lights on i think 16th March…. they were moving at a constant speed, bright orange lights, there was like 15 of them… was wondering if they could be those Chinese lanterns… but im highly doubting it. did ANYONE else see this??? they were moving from blouberg side to Melkbos

  3. So on Saturday night (10.08.13) my hubby and I were standing outside (Table View) having a smoke at about 9.30pm and we saw what looked like a red star traveling quite fast across the night sky. It made no sound, was not flashing or anything like that. It looked to be to low to be a satellite but was definitely not a chinese lantern as I have seen many of these before and it looked nothing like it… Do satellite’s shine red? I have no idea what it was but I am starting to notice more and more activity in the night sky over Cape Town that I don’t think can be fully explained. Maybe I am just paying more attention (because I always heard other people talking about it but never seen anything myself) but I have now on two separate occasions seen things that I can’t quite explain… A friend keeps joking with me that I am now attracting them to me… lol Either way I will keep my eyes on the skies… Think it is kind of cool

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