Moving object above Pinelands Cape Town 2019

I was lying outside on my back, looking up into the blue sky. I saw something, very very high, what seemed to be much higher than what planes fly – seeing that CT International Airport is just 5 minutes from me and I frequently see planes flying to / from airport.

This was what seemed like a white, round object with some sort of white light / aura. It was moving incredibly fast and it was making a turn in the sky like no plane can do. I have never seen this before, ever.

It came from Western direction, and made a curved turn, moving into the Southern direction. It shifted direction about 90°.

It went so fast, and it disappeared into the blue sky, when my eyes were unable to see it anymore. I saw it for maybe a total of no more than 10 seconds.

This is for sure unusual. I am positive this was an UFO.

3 thoughts on “Moving object above Pinelands Cape Town 2019

  1. Morning, if it was going straight at a steady spead id say it was a satelite or a space station but the fact it turned and was going at a higher speed is rather unusual.
    I have been watching the night skies recently and have noticed a considerable amount of satelites but what you saw was unusual

    • Hi there. Yeah, this ‘thing’ took a curved turn and changed about 90° in direction. Weird. Never seen this before.

      Thanks for the response. So much appreciated!

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