Moving light – Vanderbijlpark

Time and date: 07.02.2014..05.18am
Place: Vanderbijlpark
Submitted by: Theo

I noticed a light in the sky at 5.18am. It was bright and not a star. There was total cloud cover. I thought it moved but wasn’t sure. I took a picture. The light moved approx 30mtrs to the right and I took a second picture. It then moved back into the clouds and I lost sight if it. It was silent and moved resonably fast.

On enlarging the pictures the first picture the light is yellow around the object and there object itself is behind and above to the top of the surrounding light/glow. In the second picture the light around the object has changed. The pictures are taken within seconds of each other.



2 thoughts on “Moving light – Vanderbijlpark

  1. We need more detail such as direction and position in the morning sky. Venus is very bright morning object at the moment in the eastern sky before sunrise and is easily confused. Cloud motion creates the illusion of motion. Presumably the object wasn’t visible on subsequent mornings?

  2. Hi ppl I’ve been seeing the same light more than 5 times last night I took pics and its moving in different directions I really wanna know what it can be

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