Moving light in Cape Town City

Time and date: 29 November 2014 at 12:34 AM
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Beau

On the evening of the 28 November me and my partner were sitting on the balcony of a loft at the Cape Town Lodge Hotel around 12:34am (basically the 29th November then). We at first thought it was a satellite moving among the stars but noticed a very strange behaviour and movement pattern of the red/amber light as it went at a medium pace from right to left. The movement was not only in a straight line but went up, down, made a few turns here and there and eventually vanished after more than 10 seconds of observing this light. It was visible to us as we were on the 15th floor looking over most of the city buildings. The light was not flashing or indicating different colours but remained a single colour for the duration. I have seen plenty of satellites and shooting stars in the Karoo, therefore I know it was not either. It was not only me who saw this, but my partner as well. I have told a few people about this to ask for their opinion as I have not seen anything like this. My only answer to this so far is a sighting of a Nephilim.

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