More Soundless Red Lights in BFN

Place: Bloemfontein
Time and date: 6 February 2013 at 20:45
Submitted by: Pensy

Tonight at roughly 20:45 I saw a light closely resembling a flare in intensity fly over the suburb of Langenhoven Park. It moved from north to south. A few minutes after that there came two such lights, also from north but then suddenly moving to the northeast, an almost 90 degree turn.

Both lights were moving faster than the first, and both were at a much lower altitude. A third sighting came a few minutes later, also from the north, also quite fast, but it was just one light again. This time it moved off toward the southeast. They were all a reddish, almost orange colour. They all resembled the colour of a flame moving through the sky, flying quite low, and all without a single sound.

I noticed on your website that there was a post for the 2nd of February, detailing precisely what I saw this evening. I saw the same type of unidentified object, in my case as well as the 2nd feb object, on the 1st of February. M.O. was the same: moving from north to south, reddish-orange, silent, low in the sky and from the Langenhoven Park area.

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