Midvaal – hotbed for UFO sightings?

Time and date: 12.20 Midday – 29 September 2014
Place: Meyerton – Viewed over Glen Donald
Submitted by: Mike Hollis

Travelling East south East
Object Silent
Covered +- 6 km in 20 seconds = 1000 km/hr ?
White / flat oval /size of a Cessna light aircraft
Sitting again on the stoep looking out – this object seemed to have come up from the huge open area of mealie fields on the other side of Glen Donald. I have estimated the speed but could have been a lot faster – the flight pattern was a steady climb but as it got a little higher it seemed to bob up and down slightly, and weave from side to side a little as though it was adjusting itself in flight – almost as though it was remote controlled. I lost sight of it as it went up into clouds – still not sure what this was but definitely not a plane.

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