Meteor like object by Montecasino Fourways

Date: 15/06/2017
Time: 06:06 am
Place: Driving on Witkoppen road just past MonteCasino (Fourways) on my right hand side travelling towads Main road
Submitted by: Cronje du Toit


It looked like a meteor type object with a bright oval shaped head and a long burning tail traveling more or less at a 45 degree angle towards the ground. It did not seem very high up in the sky (lower than what a jet airplane would fly) nor did it seem to be traveling very fast. It made no sound that I could here. I watched it falling for about 3 seconds before disappearing behind the tree line towards Sandton.

5 thoughts on “Meteor like object by Montecasino Fourways

  1. Hi, saw it this morning whilst driving in a southerly direction on Christiaan de Wet road towards Florida, Roodepoort.

  2. Hi we also observed same in Randfontein, myself and two friends were on the road for an early morning walk/run and it was so clear we were astonished. It came from a South-West direction and moved downwards direction East/ Northeast. Who will be able to provide more information on this sight?

  3. Dirk kruger

    I saw the same thing about 6 o clock this morning in benoni

  4. Jaco Theunissen

    Greetings ,think i saw the same thing

  5. Hi I was at work and i have seeing this meteorite , i couldn’t believe my eyes . I was in Strijdom Park Randburg . This strange happening was around 6am as well .

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