Meteor-like fall, now wisping small cloud effect?

Date: 04/07/2018
Time: 07:00 am
Place: Driving close to CPT airport looking towards Hottentots Holland Mountains
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First observed a few weeks ago what looked like a `meteor’ at around 7am. Clear, cold morning-sky, zero cloud cover. It looked like a orange-yellow light streaming across the sky towards the Paarl area. Movement was quite slow and controlled not what you would expect since it looked more like a `low atmosphere’ comet travelling and substantially faster than anything in aviation. It disappeared before reaching the horizon and after it did, there appeared two what looked like semi-circular columns standing stationary in the air over the mountains in that region, adjacent to the trajectory just described above. Both these also seemed quite a distance apart would guess 10-15 km, just poised above the horizon. These look like a waxing orb being illuminated by the rising sun over those mountains – hence a semi-circular appearance as if someone just took a paintbrush and created 2 wisping small clouds in the middle of nowhere being illuminated by the rising sun. It disappeared as I was headed towards the Bellville region. Since then at sunrise on a clear-cold-crisp morning have seen just these waxing orbs (now three), as last seen this morning. By about 7.30am from Bellville region looking again in that direction, and with the sun now more risen, it can’t be seen anymore perhaps since its reflection (of the sun) can only be seen closer to the airport i.e it is more striking (the reflection of light) from that airport/N2 area. Is this perhaps some weather observing machinery, thermals in that area creating a small cloud (very small) that causes condensation that the rising sun illuminates? Why can I only see it when driving that way in the morning and on extremely cold mornings with almost zero cloud cover in that region. It is so obvious I want to stop my vehicle and get others to see it too. It looks unimpressive at the moment although quite bizzare in itself, but coupled with the comet-like object that was seen with it a few weeks ago – very strange.

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  1. i saw this last week thursday and today .its very strange .it looks like the sun reflecting against something

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