Meteor / Light in Roodepoort

Date: 15/06/2017
Time: 06:00 am
Place: Westgate Mall in Roodepoot
Submitted by: Jaco Theunissen


Me and a guy from work were driving our normal route from Randfontein to Johannesburg. We drove past the informal settlement (Princess Crossing) behind Westgate Mall and we saw what appears like a falling light. It was still very early morning so the light was very bright. It had a tail like i have seen comets had and the tail burned with a green light. As we saw it both of us said its a UFO ,might just have been a meteor burning in the atmosphere

One thought on “Meteor / Light in Roodepoort

  1. Yeap, I stay in the area and these past couple of weeks we’ve been having meteor showers so likely it was just that.
    Normally they appear with a brigh burning like orange colour.

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