Meteor burn up. ??

Date: 26/09/2016
Time: 09:30 pm
Place: Rosetta, Near Mooi River KZN
Submitted by: Anon


At first I thought I was seeing a shooting star but realized the object was moving much slower and was a much larger than any shooting star I have ever seen.
It seemed to be traveling in a horizontal plane. It looked like a fire ball burning with colours of green and red with a very long thick white tail. I wondered if it could have been part of a meteorite that was busy burning out. I did not hear a noise but it looked like a huge fiery rugby ball in the sky. So large, I almost felt I could teach up and touch it. It lasted a good 5 seconds. I looked away in disbelief only to see it burning a different colour when I looked back at it, then it just seemed to disintegrate above the farmland across the way from our home. Unfortunately I did not manage to capture it on camera.

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