Meteor burn up in the air

Date: 20/05/2016
Time: 01:50 pm
Place: Bosmansdam Road heading towards China Mall
Submitted by: Justin

For a brief 3/4 seconds saw a meteor or a shooting start burn up in the sky, was very bright lasted for a few seconds and disappeared, I was travelling on Bosmansdam road heading West (Towards Sable Square away from Bothasig) I am sure anyone else travelling in that direction would have seen it. (Unfortunately no pics as it appeared and then burnt up extremely quickly)

3 thoughts on “Meteor burn up in the air

  1. Hey, I saw it too from the Southern Suburbs. Was going up Tokai Road from Main Road. Extremely bright. White and green with a long tail. Didnt last long.

  2. Yep I saw it too. I was facing west while laying on my bed at Tygerburg.

  3. Also saw it as driving in old oak road

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