Metal, Triangular-Shaped Craft Emitting Lighting-Like Beams

Time and date: 12 October 2014 at 8 PM
Place: Between Vaalkop and Bakkrans
Submitted by: Anita de Lange

On Sunday evening, around 8pm, my brother phoned us to go outside and look at the sky – to hear if we saw what him and his weekend guests and farm workers were all seeing: a big triangular white metal shape with maling multi-coloured lights hovering above the area between the Vaalkop and Bakkrans. He said the object was bigger than the largest star, smaller than the moon and very bright in the sky. It was making no noise, and expelled lightning like light beams down to the ground. It was too high and too big to be a helicopter. It was slowly rising in the sky. Unfortunately we could not see anything as our farmhouse (about 10km from my brother’s as the crow flies, with the Vaalkop in between) are between mountains and high trees.

The moon was right above the house though and almost full – it had a very peculiar shape though. Kind of square. It was very bright and shined out what looked like beams. But my brother said that was not it. I asked that he took a picture, but he says it kept coming out black. I asked that he took it anyway, so he did. (maybe we could zoom in on a computer later). It was a cloudless and wind free day and night. And weird enough my mom saw a flying saucer also with maling multi coloured lights, at the exact same spot but in daylight – in about June 1975. The object was also silent and seen in a cloudless and windfree sky. The next day police went to investigate, as we had helicopters involved in game issues in the past – but was nothing found out of the ordinary. And as the picture did not come out, the local newspaper was asked not to print the story. Would like to hear if anyone else maybe saw anything of the sort in the sky around 5 October also.

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