meandering ufo above Cape Town

Date: 11/03/2018
Time: 09:00 pm
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Naz


While star gazing my boyf and i saw a medium sized star starting to move slowly to our right. at first we thought it was a private plane at a high altitude. it suddenly changed direction and dimmed and brightened as it slowly came to a stop. it flashed a white light similar to an airplane. but after it stopped it didnt flash anymore. it stood still for a whole minute and then it flashed a light so bright it lit up a section of the sky. that was quite amazing to witness. thereafter it seemed to turn and fly off into space because it moved only slightly in my line of vision but got progressively smaller.

One thought on “meandering ufo above Cape Town

  1. I saw something similar… but can’t remember the exact date… what I saw was, what looked like a plane light at first, but we realized quickly that it couldn’t have been because the flashes were moving at random speeds… then a sudden flash and there was a second flashing light that looked like it was chasing the other light. And all of a sudden it was gone.. as if it disappeared in to thin air. Or maybe just away from the sun’s rays. Who knows if it were satellites or maybe military type of plane but it was extremely fast and the flashing was irregular.

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