Mass UFO sighting on 29 September

UPDATE: It was just a rocket! Click here to read an explanation of this sighting.

We have received the following reports on 29 September 2013. This unidentified object was seen in the Free State, Limpopo, North West, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

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Photo by Renier Swart. Taken in Schweizer-Reneke district, North West province (19:00 29-09-2013):


Photo by Anonymous. Taken in Durban:



Time and date: 29 September 2013 19:15
Place: unknown
Submitted by: Anonymous

White light appearing to be a satellite but moving irregularly, travelling slow with a big bright halo of blueish white light around it extending to about the size of a full moon, moved north east for a while and then south slowly fading into the distance. Sorry no image available.


Time and date: About 7PM tonight, 29 Sept 2013,
Place: Welkom, Free State
Submitted by: Anonymous

We (wife, kids and I) saw a glowing round cloud like object with a bright ‘star’ in the centre. It was as big as a big full moon and was moving from east to north. Growing very large and more opaque. People as far as Bethlehem has seen it, according to facebook. I phoned all my friends and they saw it too. Weird….


Time and date: 29 September at 7PM
Place: East London
Submitted by: Anonymous

Went outside to have a cigarette with my boyfriend on the 29th Spetember at around 7pm and it is a clear starry night. My boyfriend spots something and calls me to come and look. It looks like a bright star with a halo (mist) type thing around it almost the size of the moon. It appears to be moving from an south easterly direction towards a south easterly direction moving very slowly. The aura seem to be growing in diameter – we watched it for about 10 mins and the aura grew about 7 times in size and we looked through the binoculars and there seemed to be a little star in the neuclus which was bouncing around inside – disappearing at times. Eventually disappearing and dropping altitude. Phone the EL airport and reported to them and they also said there is nothing on their radar.


Time and date: 7PM, 29 September
Place: Wilgeheuwel, Roodepoort
Submitted by: Anonymous

Approx 7pm my husband thought he was staring at the moon until it moved and came around the cloud with almost what looked like a spot light…he called me and I tried my best to get pics.. it changed into the size of a night star within seconds but had a small haze around it. But as it moved the haze got bigger and bigger and dimmer… I tried my best to get it on camera… see attached. …when we came back inside dstv was jumping channels on its own… ? Did anyone else see what we saw?


Time and date: 18:40 on 29 September
Place: Klerksdorp, North West
Submitted by: Anonymous

I was standing outside around 18:40 on 29/09/2013 in Klerksdorp North West Province. I noticed a flying object looking like a satellite but it had a bright glowing light around it and it moved very slowly in a easterly direction. The spherical glowing light was about the size of the moon when I first saw it and got bigger and dimmer as it moved along.


Discussion on FB 29 September 2013

Ek het nou net n vreemde ding in die lug gesien dit lyk soos groot deurskynende maan met n ster of twee binne in hom wat van oos na wes beweeeg het, die eerste ding wat ek aan gedink het was “Planet X” BAIE !! vreemd ek skoon hoendervleis gekry.
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Allan Neill Chinese candle baloon.
37 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Antonie Engelbrecht ook gesien…rerig
34 minutes ago · Like
Bianca Jonker ek ook gesien was baie vreemd
32 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Kobus Visser Waar is julle?
32 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Donovan Webster Klerksdorp
31 minutes ago · Like
Antonie Engelbrecht ek in C/ville. dit word op blaaie rapporteer van kuruman tot jnb
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Paul Chantler Also seen from Durban Bluff.
29 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Kerry Holmes Also seen in J-Bay
28 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Antonie Engelbrecht any idea what it was?
27 minutes ago · Like
Sakkie van Niekerk Ook gesien vereeniging
24 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Francois Lotriet Is julle nou ernstig…………
23 minutes ago · Like
Antonie Engelbrecht rerig absoluut ernstig
23 minutes ago · Like
Antonie Engelbrecht dit was n groot half deurskynende bal, amper soos die maan, net baie groter, dit het van die kant naaste aan die horison begin verdwyn. direk daarna koue wind
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Donovan Webster hy was eers so groot soos n ster en vinnig nader gekom en toe so groot soos die maan geword.
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Marius Ferreira My vrou het dit 19:00 by Sun City gesien!
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Francois Lotriet Weird ………………..julle nog nie weer gesien nie.
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Kobus Visser Nou share die post vinnig vir almal wat julle ken en dalk kan iemand fotos neem, sorg net dat daar reverence punt soos boom of paal in foto is en try video bo fotos
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Antonie Engelbrecht nee, is nou te koud buite, baie skoelik
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Allan Neill Could be a weather balloon.
19 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Antonie Engelbrecht nope was way too big and seen in too many places at once
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Francois Lotriet Beskryf weer die voorwerp asb.
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Antonie Engelbrecht hier is n beter beskrywing…kom ek verduidlik mooi!! ons het dit van begin tot einde gesien!! en n video en fotos… dit het gelyk soos n HELDER STER met n helder sirkel om wat beweeg, to begin die sirkel al hoe groter en dowwer al hoer groter en dowwer raak. hyt teen n moerse spoed van regs tot link beweeg, in die lig, en to, gaan staan hy stil op een plek en hover!! en to raak daai sirkel net nog groter, maar die klein “ster” in die middel kon ons nog sien en to eweskielik skiet hy voorento, weg van ons af.. en hyt nie af aarde se kant to geskiet nie, hyt terug op gegaan!!!
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Frikkie Botes Baie mense het dit gesien, marietjie Smuts ook sy is so 70KM noord van PTA .
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Frikkie Botes Marietjie Smuts
I just saw something very strange – if you saw it too, let me know. About 6h50 I noticed a star with a halo around it in the south-east sky – the overall picture looking almost like the full moon, but double the size, with the star-like pin-prick in the centre…
The strange bit, it moved at a very rapid speed towards the east, and by about 7h05 it faded to nothing… .
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Donovan Webster Hy was so groot soos die maan, rook blou van kleur. Antonie Engelbrecht se beskywing baie reg.
11 minutes ago · Like · 1
Francois Lotriet Weird……
10 minutes ago · Like
Antonie Engelbrecht dit was nie my beskrywing, ek probeer om die foto/vid in die hande te kry. wategter snaaks is is die koue wind direk daarna
9 minutes ago · Like
Donovan Webster ja hy waai ook hier koud
8 minutes ago · Like · 1
Antonie Engelbrecht sommer skielik?
8 minutes ago · Like
Roy Carrol Chinese Space Station…..
5 minutes ago · Like
Allan Neill Sal goed wees as iemand fotos of video kan opsit.
5 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Gert Smith Donovan hier in Lichtenburg ook gesien
4 minutes ago · Like
Hans Visser Sterk koue front met baie vog in die lig? ‘n Skerp lig sal ‘n “halo” vorm?
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Tinus Colyn Gesien in Hartbeesfontein ook ! Baie baie weird !
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Tony Smith I allso saw it, in the eastern sky, live in Pretoria, and yeah, it was weird!
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Antonie Engelbrecht nogn verslag…………ons het dit ook gesien in nw maar dit het nie gelyk soos die maan nie was meer soos n ster met n dowwe lig om dit, het met 5 verskillende fone n vidio kamera en n gewone kamera probeer afneem maar kon niks sien op een van hulle ni
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Place: Ellisras (Limpopo)
Date: 29 September 2013
Time: 19h00

We saw the strangest thing tonight. At first we thought it was a full moon behind some clouds, until we noticed what looked like a star in the middle. Then we noticed it was a clear sky & a moonless night. The star had bright circular mist/fog around it.
At first it did not seem to move, but as we continued to watch it we noticed it was moving in a North Easterly direction, fading as it moved.The star in the middle moved with the mist/fog. We phoned friends in Nylstroom who also saw the same thing.

Very strange – any similar sighting?
Any explanations welcome


Time and date: 19:00 on 29 September
Place: Waterberg, Limpopo,
Submitted by: Cat Tavares

My neighbours phones shouting for me to go outside. As a walked out the door I could see it immediately. It was extremely large, several times larger than the full-moon size. Clearly in the centre you could see what looked like a very bright star, surrounding it a massive halo, like a perfectly round cloud following the star, but in the centre you could see the “star” clearly. Moving from South to North.

It slowed down a lot as it came overhead, almost stopping completely and the total sighting was a few minutes long as I had time to go in and out the house three times to fetch my camera, my tripod and then my binoculars and also bearing in mind that it was already half way through the sky when I got to see it. Then it once again picked up speed and continued to the North, then the so called cloud changed shape completely and became flattened then gradually disappeared.

You certainly got the sense that this was all very deliberate and it was meant to be seen. I phone my friend who happened to be in Krugersdorp, some 200km South of here, they were reporting the exact same thing there too.
Sorry that the picture does even came close to describing what we saw!



Time: at 18:56-19:06
Place: in Free State – Botshabelo

I saw what i thought it a moon but looking at the object close it was glowing white light but only around it in the middle it was dark and had light in the middle of it. i didnt have i chance to take a photo because it moved fast and it disapered after


Time and date: 7PM on 29 September
Place: Southport, South Coast

Tonight the 29September at around 7pm my family and I, in Southport on the lower South Coast witnessed the strangest light in the sky I have ever seen. At first it appeared like a very large star then appeared to grow a large halo around it and slowly moving about until it headed north towards Durban. No sounds could be heard. It was most definitely not a flare or Chinese lantern.

ufo sighting 29 september south coast

Time and date: 9PM on 29 September
Place: Pretoria
Submitted by: Jody

About an hour and a half ago, here in Pretoria booysens. Our family saw a star which slowly moved across the sky, but with a dull white sphere around it which slowly grew. It could not have been mist because the other stars where normal. And a few minutes later after my wife and I took a walk, the “star” moved behind some clouds, when suddenly a loud rotating grinding sound came from the sky in the direction of the where the star was. And it seems that only us two heard it, but it was extremely loud. We rushed home to find out no one else heard it. I know it may sound like we are crazy but we would just like to know what you think. Thank you for reading this.


This round cloud with a small star that so many people discribe has just been witnessed by a large amount of the people of Cape Maclear in Malawi.


Time and date: 29 September 2013 at about 19h00
Place: Durban

Me and my friends also saw that moon like object on Sunday 29 September 2013 at about 19h00. It was a bit bigger than a moon size and had division of 3 section. A what looked like a big star at the centre, a dark part in the middle and the outside part was as bright as a moon on a clear skies evening. It was moving from east direction of Newlands (Durban) to the north. As it was moving it got bigger but strangely less visible at the same time until it disappeared. It lasted for about 10 minutes after we spoted it. Hope our input will assists the experts in discovering what it was because it freaked everyone who saw it.

21 thoughts on “Mass UFO sighting on 29 September

  1. Het deur ‘n 10″ teleskoop na die ster in die middel vani “halo” gekyk en dit was ‘n defnintiewe sekel vormige voorwerp!!!!

  2. Amper wat die mense daai tyd van die black death gesien het. Halo met n ster in. Na dit het die genoemde black death uitgebreuk. Weird

  3. about 7pm last evening we also saw the same odd round cloud over Umhlanga in Durban. The clould /mist was round with a star at the center moving towards Ballito. It was not a spot light nor a helicopter. A plane had also taken off from King Shaka airport and was in the sky whilst this odd object was also visible. I’m hoping more people in Durban would have seen this mysterious object and could provide an explanation of what it is. It can’t be a rocket on re entry or a satellite. It wasn’t a meteor as it had no trail and the round cloud or mist around it was bizzare to say the least. I did try to take a pic of it but my camera on my phone isnt the best so no point in posting it here.

  4. Sunday, 19h05, Hillcrest, KZN – whole family saw it exactly as described above.

  5. Banie Delport

    My boetie in Pretoria Noord het gisteraand ook die lig gesien, maar die foto wat hy het en die lig wat hul gesien het was rooi. Ook ‘n baie groot lig. Sal bly wees as iemand ‘n verduideliking kan gee, mens raak bang om te weet daar is vreemde goeters in ons hemelruim!!

    At 9:00 a.m. PDT on September 29, 2013, the upgraded Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base on a successful demonstration mission delivering the CASSIOPE satellite to orbit.

    9am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) = 18:00 SA time

    About an hour later CASSIOPE was delivered and entered its orbit and excess fuel was dumped, which is what caused the impressive display.

  7. This event has a terrestrial explanation – the launch of a Falcon 9 from Vandenberg Air Force Base and then the guided return to earth of its second stage. If SpaceX get their rocket recovery technology right we will start seeing many more strange things in the night sky.

  8. The latest SpaceX Falcon9 rocket was launched at that time. Could this be some of the debris from the booster they tried to fire for their re-usable first-stage testing?

  9. I saw it as well last night around 18:00 was rather bright and got brighter as they came closer and closer until they appeared rite in front of me , I was busy clutching a jay when a mysterious force removed it from my hand and suddenly the bright light got brighter again and a fog cloud around it started to form and off they went.

  10. Lee-Ann Van Der Byl

    yes I saw it, in Durban, Newlands east, Hangberger Road, about after 8 pm. I was not alone, I was standing with my mom and dad outside, we had just been saying our good byes, and had emerged out of very deep Biblical discussions. As I got outside the front of my house, im not sure why I looked up toward the side of me, and I thought I was imagining, but I told my mom and dad to look up too, and they did, and it was too clear to deny. And it was huge! you didn’t have to strain your eyes, and it was lower than aircraft altitude.There was a distinct white circle that looked like it was made out of clouds, but too perfectly round, and it didn’t loose its shape. In the very centre of the circle was a bright light that illuminated the white circle, and we couldn’t say for sure what the circle was made of because of the light that illuminated it, and the light sort of twinkled, so we thought it was a star, we were still talking about the Crucifix of Jesus, while looking at this thing(don’t know what to call it) when I said, to my folks, i’m no scientist, but hey, stars don’t move, because this circle moved together with this star-like light, and we were no longer looking at it from the direction in the sky where it first became visible to us, we were now staring straight in front of us, and up in the sky. We were taken aback, because you couldn’t tell what it was because there were no other flashing lights, just a distinct circle that grew lighter. So I looked at the rest of the night sky, and there were a lot of stars, but they were stationed. I then said jokingly to my folks, Hey! Ezekiel saw the Wheel, way up in the middle of the air! As recorded in the Bible, and we were feeling mixed feelings as we stared, I generally never let a camera moment slide, but I learned that I did get stumped! When we looked up it was just not there anymore. We didn’t see its exit, it just vanished, maybe because we were still chatting bout Ezekiel. My first time seeing something like this! And you do certainly feel a presence, of some other existence, that just makes you stare!


  12. Ben Lombard

    We saw it in the sky Krugersdorp – on our way from Northern Cape to Pretoria.. Very very very strange…

  13. I think it is a good idea to post your pics to‎ They will be able to provide more information and also verify this astonishing sight, which I am sure is a genuine UFO. Another website to post it to, that is pretty reliable is My hubby and I are constantly checking the sky too, but up at Monteseel, close to Botha’s Hill, sky was covered in mist and rain last night, so missed this… My daughter heard about it on East Coast Radio, so I got very excited as I have been studying UFO’s for about three years now, as well as Planet X or Nibiru, but in South Africa it is difficult to find info about all these exciting (and to a great extent, often frightening!) happenings that it seems we might be faced with in the near future. In Russia Planet X is openly discussed (even on tv) and they are preparing for its passing as well as in China. NASA of course debunks it completely. Whether one does or not, better to be basically prepared than the other way around. Anyway, SA is supposedly quite a safe place to be sitting this lot out, should it happen. Makes one wonder why our government is so silent about it all? I mean, it is an interesting topic to be sure. Don’t want us to panic? Know I am off subject here, but can anybody direct me to a SA site that covers Comet ISON. Its expected to pass us on 28 November, so it is just around the corner! Very exciting reading about it can be found at or just search: Comet ISON. Don’t know who owns this SA site, but thank you for owning it! Wish I’d been an astrophysicist or an astronomer during these exciting times!!

  14. even if it was the falcon 9 rocket. how can you then explain the other different looking ufo sightings around the world over the 24hr period of the 29th. its just something to think about.

  15. I actually saw slightly bright cloud which was big insize and i told my friend Samuel Eregae (Mr. Naija or Akiijakin). what wonders are this we? there is something strange in the sky and it seems like dimmed sun. The world is comming to an end. I was a roung 9pm in the evening when we were relaxing having funs with cock tails. After short time it disappeared slowly as it evade slowly.

    What could this be?

  16. psuedonymoose

    “even if it was the falcon 9 rocket. how can you then explain the other different looking ufo sightings around the world over the 24hr period of the 29th.”

    The Falcon 9v1.1 inserted it’s second stage into a polar orbit. A polar orbit tracks fairly quickly across the Earth, making it visible from a lot of places over 24 hours. The different looks is a combination of the sun illuminating the exhaust plume from different angles as it orbits the Earth, and the second stage either being lit (pushing out large quantities of gas) or unlit (a single bright point to start with, then multiple as it began to distribute it’s satellite payload).

    This is also why the satellite was put into a polar orbit: Cassiope is an Earth-observation satellite, and a polar orbit allows it to look down at large portions of the earth quickly. If it were in an equatorial orbit, it would only be looking down at places near the equator, and places at higher latitudes (nearer the poles) would be further away and turned sideways, making it harder to get a good view.

  17. Easily, Jody. The Falcon 9 rocket launched into a polar orbit, thus it would be visible to most of the earth’s population at some point or another as it vented and the earth spun below it. One would think that some UFO “theorists” might know a little something about orbital mechanics.

  18. I did read up on it. I know what is said. but as i said there were different ufos seens. red ones moving in london. 3 orange lights in a triangle formation is australia. then even a arc of stars which moved simutaneously in the US. and the whole falcon rocket thing is just a way to keep everyone calm. cause when a person says something apparently happened and then turns around and just with that alone you can see something is not right. how could that have been a single rocket seen in different forms over 24hrs??

  19. Paul Thomas

    We saw it on Lake Malawi and other guests who arrived next day also had a clear view of it South Luanga in Zambia. Thought it must have been the 2nd stage of a satellite. Very impressive

  20. tapiwa dzimano

    i saw the Zimbabwe.Mash was white.spherical.a lot bigger than the moon.but not as scared me away.

  21. I believe the same objects was spoted in Kenya and apparently it even stopped for over 2 hours on a rural coastal village. The light lit up a very big area

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