Mass sighting Stormsvlei (Swellendam)

Date: 26/04/2016
Time: 05:30 am
Place: At a camp site
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I woke up this morning early and went out to the stoep with my coffee and rusks. I saw an interesting star which really glowed like no other. Then it faded… Quite quickly. But upon closer inspection, I saw probably 15 others, all doing the same thing at different times. Fading and glowing bright whote lights. Ocasionally, one or two will make rapid movements, closer or further from each other. This went on for long… 30minutes.. But as the sun came out, they started fading away completely and dissapeared that way…

I was always a sceptic, but after this, no one will convince me different. When I called my girlfriend out of bed to look, she saw immediately, but got too scared and went back in. I have a video, but it truly doesnt do the sighting any justice.

2 thoughts on “Mass sighting Stormsvlei (Swellendam)

  1. In Cirusdal at the moment, and though to actually pay attention to the nightsky tonight. Saw again a similar occurance, but the flashing lights mimmic those of an aeroplane, however, moving in directions and speeds that no plane known to man can move…

  2. And not posting the vid to support your claims makes sense how?

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