Many unexplained objects over Bloemfontein

Date: 29/06/2016
Time: 11:00 am
Place: Farm
Submitted by: anonymous

Some stars are not stars…

For the past year my wife and I have been observing countless UFO’s over Bloemfontein from our farm 50km outside the city. We only recently got ourselves a decent camera and started photographing and recording about 2 weeks ago – building an archive of unbelievably strange photo’s and video’s.

These photo’s have not been tampered with. I am willing to share the original high resolution photo’s via email on request if you would like to zoom and study these photo’s yourself.

Some UFO’s move fast, some slow, some hover, some alone others in groups of 3, disappearing and reappearing, flashing and blinking many forms/symbols/shapes and colors in split seconds. Most of them look exactly like stars to the untrained eye, but if you observe the heavens for longer periods at a time you should start noticing movement and other strange things.

Attached is last night’s top 3 photo’s. I do have video’s as well, but unfortunately the video’s cannot be zoomed like the photographs. In the video’s you can only see movement, flashing, colours, blinking etc.

4 thoughts on “Many unexplained objects over Bloemfontein

  1. Hi
    please send me videos and the photos to

    I do believe you but images and videos needs to be analysed to rule out IFO’s and hoaxes


    • Hi,

      No problem, I am more than willing to share the original files with those interested in doing their own analysis.
      You see my friend, like you I am a truth seeker. I have sifted through enough lies and don’t have the desire to spread them. I want people to open their eyes and make a stand.
      By now we shouldn’t be wondering if there is a extraterrestrial presence on earth. We should really be asking ourselves, what are they doing here and why are they being so secretive about it?
      I’ll send the photo’s tomorrow plus toninght good ones.


  2. Don,the reason ‘they’ are here is closer to home than you think.They are not from other planets,but from a different spectrum.

    Talking about seeking truth,what I found out is that almost every culture has a folklore of small creatures that is evil or a nuisance to man. ( Leprechaun ,Chupacabra, Tokoloshi etc. ) Now for the western civilization,the Grey aliens and their space crafts are the more modern version.

    Mock me if you will,but these entities are nothing more than demonic creatures.You heard right.There is no advance civilization out there.It is funny that through all the years of history,’their’ technology seems advance and yet since recorded time, their so called advance technology stays and look the same.

    Does make you wonder…..

    • Hi CJ,

      I believe that some are interdimensional and others from distant planets. Would be great to share thoughts…what is your email?

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