Make a wish?

Date: 09/06/2017
Time: 05:00 pm
Place: Escombe, Durban
Submitted by: Vis


Well it was the evening of my brithday I thought the sky lit up a flare in celebration…it wasn’t traveling like a plane or or jet we’ve ever seen and the tail was tapered and with the front end flared with what looked like a ball of fire…we suspected it was a meteor or a satellite however this is the first hit that came up on google’s search results

7 thoughts on “Make a wish?

  1. Hi

    It’s a plane – can clearly make out the two contrails from the wings. Atmospheric conditions at the time were likely unfavorable to the contrail remaining visible.

    But good job on taking photos!


  2. If it were a plane it would have to be crashing to the ground at that angle isnt it?

  3. No sheldon its not a plane, planes don’t leave a trail like that as they move in the atmosphere because they normally don’t travel faster than the speed of sound…
    This is something that’s travelling very fast and burning as its entering or moving across the atmosphere.

    It’s probably meteorites

  4. You are aware that planes travel in a spherical vector right?

    Also, Prince, please have a look at the phenomenon of “contrails” – it’s clearly a contrail which most aircraft will produce in the right atmospheric conditions without the need to break the sound barrier.

  5. I’m so glad you got pics!
    I saw the same object on 09/06/2017 around 3:30 pm while visiting in Newlands East but didn’t have a camera with me.

    At first I thought it was one of those sky-writing airplanes but the trail was not ‘smoky’/’puffy’/’cloud-like’ and didn’t blur off – rather it seemed to retain the shape. Also I saw two blue spherical objects surrounded by the faint yellow-orange part.

    • I’m chalking it down to it being a meteor based on images I found online.
      And that its not strange for a meteor to have more than one color (I’m guessing this one must’ve been a magnesium, iron and sodium rock – aka Riebeckite).

  6. Why is making comments on this site so weird?

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