Long, Fixed Striped Object in Linden

Time and date: 11 April 2015 at 04:20
Place: Linden, Johannesburg
Submitted by: Luke

It was around 04:20 Saturday the 11th of April 2015. Linden, johannesburg. My friend and I were up late playing video games. At around 04:20 I went outside my cottage and stood at the end of the patio to relieve myself in the garden. About to do my business I gazed up almost directly overhead. And noticed a long greyish stripe above me. I immediatly thought it was a cloud. Apart from this stripe the sky was completely clear with a very bright half moon. The stripe was located a few degrees NW of the moon. As I was still looking up the stripe it started to give off its own light. For a few seconds it grew brighter and brighter, then speedily got so bright it out shone the moon which was already bright and very close in the sky.

At this point I screamed to my friend to come out and look. Once it had hit its peak brightness, I could see its shape clearly. It was literally a streak in the sky with perfectly straight lines and points on either end. Like I said it was clear skies so pretty sure it was higher than the cloud line. And for the degrees in the sky it took up must of been extremely massive. It then started to dimm at an even rate until it wasn’t giving off any light. I kept my eyes fixed and could actually see its outline. I looked away, then back and could still see its outline, although it was now almost clear.

At this point my friend had stepped out and i pointed and told him to keep his eyes fixed. Around 5 sec later, from complete quiet we hear a very weird, loud, tiny “wong”. I immediatly grabbed my friend’s arm and pulled him inside. From when I first saw the Streak to where I ran inside it remained fixed in its position. When it got brighter and dimmed, it did so evenly along its whole length. My friend and I haven’t slept yet. Really hoping someone else in jhb saw it.

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  1. Hi Luke , leaves you wondering ?? This takes me back to my pre teens,can’t remember the exact date , circa 1965 . I was with my mom talking to
    my aunt who lived next door to us. it was around 20.00 hrs at night – clear skies – I just happened to be looking in that drection otherwise wouldn’t have seen it – what looked like chevrons of light [ probably the leading edge of some delta or triangular shaped craft] streaked [almost micro seconds ]down at 45 deg towards the earth only a few kilometers away and it must have stopped , or would have ploughed into the ground , the weird thing about this is that the chevrons [ like sergeants stripes – interlocking] stretched out in this straight line from nothing , then compressed back to nothing earth side
    but the colours were all there like the rainbow i.e. started out red and ended in the violet as it stretched earthwards , the detail I can’t remember is which end of the spectrum started – red or violet . If you were to take a slinky spring toy and suddenly stretch it out , then keeping your hands still let go of the one end , compressing back to itself -that is more or less how
    I can describe the motion .Having thought about this over the years and reading the theories of the UFO technology , this craft had gone from the invisible spectrum , throught the visible , and back to the invisible part of the spectrum , which seems to fit some of the behaviour witnessed –
    weird science !! but one thing that it would not be is a US Stealth plane in 1965 !!

    • That I agree with. I actually got up at 4am with a camera for the next few days hoping to get a photo but there was too much cloud cover. Came across this video that looks similar to both our cases. Search on YouTube “streetcap1 20 Apr 2015”.

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