Lights seen over Tulbagh Western Cape

Dates of sightings:
03 January 2019
04 January 2019
08 January 2019

I saw a strange light moving east in the night skies between 9:30 and 10:30 at uneven speeds and trajectories on the above mentioned dates in Tulbagh, Western Cape.

My partner and I have been looking up at the night skies since the beginning of this year while house-sitting. On the first mentioned date we saw a light moving over our heads in an eastern direction, moving at uneven speeds and emitting a light of various intensities at uneven intervals (Often a dim flash followed by a slightly brighter flash and then followed by a fairly bright flash)

On the last date we where visiting a friend at her house in the same location and saw a similar light moving slowly in the night sky again between 21:30 and 22:30. This light source again would emit white light by what seemed like random occasion at what seemed like random intensities and seemed to accelerate and slow down very rapidly, on this night a second light source performing similar manoeuvres was also seen and eventually disappeared in to the night sky.

These flying lights, did not have the typical, green, red and white lights of airplanes and seemed to move lower at times than the very common airplanes traffic in the area as well as very far above it, there was no sound being emitted from the light sources as they moved over the night skies. The airplane traffic is typically very audible.

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