Lights over Melville area

Date: 30/05/2017
Time: 06:06 am
Place: Melville area
Submitted by: Johann Smith


We traveled on 5th through Newlands when we spotted the object. It appeared to be over the Melville area. It was definitely not a star – refer to shape. It stood still, maybe hovering and then moved forward slowly and then lights went off or the object moved away.

5 thoughts on “Lights over Melville area

  1. Could it have been a plane heading toward you, that switched off landing lights? Any other lights, or just a white one, if I’m to presume it WAS white?

  2. Hi

    A photo would be appreciated.

    You don’t indicate the relative size? But if you were able to identify the shape and the lights it must have been quite a large object. Newlands to Melville is roughly 5 km as the crow flies. At what height was it in the sky?

    Both Venus and Mercury would’ve been on the eastern horizon at the time of your sighting. Could be an explanation.


  3. Definitely not a plane as we know it. Also not a helicopter. (I was in the army)
    And it was definitely not any planet. It was too clear – the lights and the shape. The lights were extremely bright white.
    I read another post about a boomerang shape that was spotted over Potchefstroom.
    I think it is possibly the same thing we saw.

  4. Oh and it was a clear morning – not a single cloud in the sky

  5. Size? Height in the sky? Photos?

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